Our advice extends from the very establishment in Spain of non-resident entity to compliance of the tax, labor and Social Security obligations, etc., determined by the Spanish legislation.

Although IVANOVA TAX & LAW provides tax advises´ services to expatriates, Spanish workers posted abroad, tax reporting, certificates of tax residence, application of double taxation, etc.

In this regard, IVANOVA TAX & LAW Advisers provide services such as:

  • Establishment of companies, branches, representative offices, etc. of non-resident entities and entrepreneurs.
  • Representation before tax authorities and the Social security.
  • Tax advice to non-resident entities; agreements to avoid double taxation.
  • Preparation of accountancy and Social Security and tax returns.
  • Preparation, execution and processing of employment contracts, payroll, workers’ contracts.
  • Obtaining of electronic certificate of non-resident entities.
  • Taxation of inpatriate, displaced foreign workers or self-employed to Spain.
  • Taxation of expatriates, foreign workers or displaced Spanish self-employed.
  • Hereditary successions. Processing inheritance of non-residents, tax returns for non-residents, Real Estate Registry proceedings.
  • Application of the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the EU from the 3rd of September 2014.
  • Processing of returns to nonresidents of shares of inheritance and donations tax.
  • Property transactions of non-residents, advice on the sale and rental of properties.